The Future
Little girls and young women that want to work in a scientific discipline should receive encouragement; their teachers and parents need to take an active role in these females' lives. Parents and teachers should work to ensure that schools provide a positive learning environment for both females and males.

As the previous two pages elude to, a large male atmosphere surrounds the sciences. This atmosphere may be a positive one for the males, but it suppresses the females. To dissipate this enveloping layer and to create a more equally positive learning, teachers and parents need to accomplish several objectives.

 Educators should:  Parents should:
  • encourage females to participate in class.
  • try to call on males and females equally.
  • create group projects.
    • In some projects, separate groups by the sexes.
    • In other projects, group males and females together.
    • In the mixed groups, ensure both sexes participate equally.
  • invite both male and female guest speakers.
  • encourage females to play larger roles in labs.
  • take field trips to museums and other places with scientific significance, such as NASA or an arboretum.
  • ask their children what they learned in school each day.
  • take their children to the science and children's museums.
  • participate in the parents' organizations at the schools.
  • take an avid interest in what their children hope to become when they grow up.
  • remind their children that they can be whatever they want.
  • encourage their children to attend college and earn a degree.

Before College