Heavy Gear

If you mistook this game for Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries, you're not alone. This game uses an "improved" version of MW2M's engine. Even with native 3dfx support, it doesn't look any better graphically. Not that it's ugly, it's just more of the same with a little enhancement here and there.
Aesthetics aside, this game plays almost like MW2M, with some new moves appended. Yes, the Gears controlled like the Mechs in MW2, despite their smaller size and supposed increased agility. Not that it's bad, but I expected more. I'd like to move just like those Gears in the FMVs for a change.
The story is linear, where you keep playing till you complete the missions. The Tour of Duty mode gets boring after a while. Multiplayer is still buggy.
You'll need a PC with at least 32MB RAM to run this game properly. Not a bad game, just doesn't live up to the "Space sim of the year" hype.