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How to make money at Internet-casinos

It can't be done can it?

During the years countless attempts have been made to find strategies to beat the casinos. Because of the mathematic principles all the rules are made of the casino allways win in the long run.

YYou don't need any big luck to quickly win a small sum. For example the chance to double your money at roulette is roughly 48%. It's easy to see that the longer you keep playing the bigger the chance to loose. This gives us our first keyword: DISCIPLIN, to stop before it's too late and follow set principles.

The Secret

Just disciplin doesn't lead to any secure incomes from playing at the casino, the real secret is to combine this with the second keyword: BONUS...

So, what is this? Most casinos give new player an introduction bonus at 50-100% of your first buy. Normaly you have to bet the amount you bought a few times before you can cash out.

By systematically using these bonuses at several casinos at the same time you can acually win in the long run. It's pretty simple and here is an example:

Theoretic example; We'll use roulette for simplicity buy black jack works as well (see below).

1. Pic out 10 casinos with a 100% buy bonus and open an account in each.

2. Buy chips for $50 at each casino (total $500). Now with bonus you will have $100 at each casino (total $1000).

3. Now bet the whole sum in each casino at a game with roughly 50% chance to win (like black/red at roulette). Now you have doubled your chips (to $200) at roughly half the casinos while loosing everything at the others. This gives a total of 5x$200=$1000. Because you have followed the bonus rules to bet the minimum amount you can now cash out. (Don't fall for the temptation to play "Just one more time" to win more. Remember the first keyword...)

In total you have now bet $500 and won $1000. A net win of $500!

Remember that this is a theoretical example. You rarely win exactly 50% of the time. If you'r unlucky you might lose it all but you can also win more than 50% of the time. As you will also see you often have to bet up to 10 times the amount of bought chips.

Why does this work?

The secret is that in games with 100% bonus you win 4x your bet in allmost half the cases (roughly 48%). In games without bonus you only win 2x your be and the casino will win in the long run with a 52/48 chance of winning for the casino.

Have a strategy

The third keyword is STRATEGY. This is something you will learn by time what fits you the best. Here is some example to give you some inspiration.

A strategy that works nicely is to play at a new casino each day. You will then win generally $100 every second second day which will total at roughly $1500 a month.

Note that most casinos have different rules regarding bonus and cash in. Because of that the result is generally not as in the example above but it really doesn't matter. Sometimes you have to bet up to ten times the number of chips you bought. Therefore you have to play 10x$500 before you can cash in. Usually you will have roughly the same amount as when you started (including bonus). Sometimes you will loose everything but sometimes you will have significally more! Because of the bonus you will generally win 90% of the buyin (180% return, 90% buyin + 90% of the bonus).

Note that many casinos as a rule doesn't allow roulette for this because it's simple to use it. But you can aswell play black jack because the chance to win is allmost 50% there. To know when to hit and stand you can check out my chart here at the site.

To choose a Casino

What is left now is to pick a casino. I can promise that there won't be any trouble to find enough casinos, just try searching for casinos at google. Even if we have used 100% bonus in the example it's not necessary for you to win cash. The strategy works with a 10% bonus but then it's pretty much an even game. Firstly play at casinos with a bonus of 50% or more.

There are two different kinds of casinos.
1. "Download" casino that you install on your computer.
2. "No dowload" casinos that are used directly at the casino site.

If you have never played at a casino on the internet it can seem hard to know how to do it. And yes, it can be a bit difficult the first time but after a while you learn how to do it.

Remember that most casinos has new bonuses all the time so be sure to take a look at them now and then to see if any new bonuses are available.

Here are some tips of casinos with nice bonuses I usually play at.

Casino Lux
Nice casino, buy $5 and get $30 for free.

Casino Elegance
Has a nice 100% bonus when you buy chips.

Don't forget that the key to succes is: BONUS-STRATEGY-DISCIPLIN. It's usually the lack of disciplin that makes the casino win in the long run.

Of course I can't guarante that this will work for everybody and that everybody will get filthy rich. There is a chance that you will lose everthing instead - just like with any game.
I'm writing this so that none can give me any trouble if something happens. :)