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Casino Lux
Deposit $5 and get $30 for free - recomended.
Casino Elegance
$50 bonus up to $500 in chips.
Everest Poker
If you like Poker more then this is an excellent site to try.

Blackjack links

Casino online information Everything about playing the casino online
http://www.deluxegambling.com Nice message board that covers every gambling topics.
http://www.bj21.com Great resource with many links at tips
http://gamblinglinks.com Site with many casino-links
http://www.casinocosmopol.se Swedish Casino cosmopols homepage
http://www.allaboutblackjack.come First bj-page I used
http://www.blackjackinfo.com Good Page
http://www.gamemasteronline.com Another page I felt could have a place here
http://www.freeblackjacktips.com Gives you free tips :)
http://www.blackjack2002.com A blackjack page I found
http://www.casinogamblingexposed.com Don't visit a casino until you've read this page
http://www.good-online-casinos.com A site recomended to me
http://www.hotbonuses.com A site recomended to me
http://www.greedyhog-blackjack.com Getting greedy? Get here
http://www.hitorstand.net A free blackjack game and trainer that teaches you basic strategy while you play
http://www.online-casino-riches.com Online casinos tips and advice
http://www.blackjack-Info.net Free blackjack game with points, strategy and downloads
http://www.blackjack-king.com/ The Blackjack king

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