Card counting
Swedish rules
International rules
Play Black jack


To summarize how to win at blackjack
Learn when to hit and when to stand.
Learn to count cards so you know when to bet higher.
To learn when to hit and stand isn't that hard. Just look at my chart , it can take a while to learn but it's not that hard.
To learn counting cards is more difficult. The system is easy but you have to be a pretty quick counter so you won't get behind. So don't drink and play ;)

Like there are different rules there are of course different strategies on how to play with dif rules. There are many special rules so I have only done two charts, one for swedish rules and one for international rules and they are the ones used in Sweden, that I know of at least
There is also the possibility to count cards and thereby giving yourself a bigger chance than the dealer to win. When you have learned the system and knows it you can win alot of money. There are people in the US that earns their living by playing blackjack, so if you have it you can earn lots.