Card counting
Swedish rules
International rules
Play Black jack

Play blackjack

Try playing and see if you have learned something.

Her you can try and see if you learned how to play. I haven't made the page so I can't change the code. There are some alternatives to choose between, Here's a short walkthrough;

Number of decks:
The number of decks used, can be interesting if you are training card counting.

Dealer stands/hit on Soft 17
If the dealer should stand or hit at 7/17.

Double any two cards / Double 9,10,11 only / Double 10,11 only
Determines och what sums you are allowed to double.

Double after split allowed / No double after split
If you are allowed to double after a split.

Surrender / no surrender
Allowing surrender or not.

Use Strategy Coach?
There is a coach you can have activated that tells you if you choose the wrong alternative.

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